12 things most people don’t tell you about Walt Disney World

12 things most people don’t tell you about Walt Disney World

So Disney is obviously one of the most magical places on earth. You’ll find tons of advice on the internet(like this blog) about how to find the best deals, when to visit and what foods you should eat.

Well what about all the stuff no one tells you? That’s what we’re here for! This isn’t one of those cheesy little posts that talks about how everyone is sleeping with each other(does anyone really care? We don’t).

We’ve compiled a little list of things no one will tell you about your trip to Walt Disney World to help you prepare for some of those unexpected little moments. So let’s dive right in, shall we?!

1.You’re going to see a lot of bad behavior.

Regardless of what your idea of “bad behavior” is, you’re going to see it happen. Whether its whole families cutting in line(happens allll the time) to people blatantly arguing with cast members about Disney policies to mothers actually changing their infant on the ground in the middle of Fantasyland(yes I’ve seen this happen), you’re going to see a lot of behavior that you probably just don’t agree with.

Our suggestion? If its not affecting your vacation or well-being, accept the fact that you are surrounded by people all over the world with different cultural norms and move on. Its not worth your time to get upset over it.

2.You’re probably going to get into an argument at some point

All this magic everywhere, delicious food, fun characters, what could possibly go wrong?

Well everything. Here’s the thing, the average American Family spends about 18 hours a week together. If you’re from the U.K., that number jumps up to 38 hours per week, but that’s still nothing when compared to how much time your family will spend together at Walt Disney World.

All day, every day. Factor in the sometimes sweltering heat, overstimulated kids and overly exhausted parents trying to get everything they want their kids to experience in a small amount of time(let it go-you’re not gonna see it all), and you’re bound to have an argument at some point.

Trust me, we’ve been in arguments(we are sisters though, its what we do) and we’ve seen and heard plenty of arguments while there.

Our suggestion? Let go of the things you can’t control(you’re going to miss your FP+ because your husband wanted to stop for a churro? Trust me, its going to be ok) and try to take some time to decompress. Head to the Boardwalk to relax on the beaches, let your kids go on a Pirate Cruise so you can get some alone time or take an early morning walk while everyone is still asleep.

And if you do get in an argument, brush it off and move on with your day. You’re in the Happiest Place on Earth, after all.

3. The stroller stuggle is real

Seriously guys, there are strollers everywhere. And people use them as bulldozers. Ok maybe not, but that’s what it seems like.

I didn’t take G to Disney until she was 8 so we never used a stroller and I can’t begin to imagine how difficult it must be to maneuver through crowds using a stroller but people will push their way through you with their stroller like its their job. Just be aware.

Stroller parking is an entirely different story. Its everywhere. And it creates traffic jams. Avoid it at all costs.

4.You will probably get run over at some point.

Ok I’m exaggerating, but seriously be careful. Between the aforementioned strollers and a lot of people who are renting an ECV or motorized scooter for the first time in their lives, there’s a lot of poor driving out there. People will run into you(or your kids) without an apology and keep going on their merry way. Its happened to us and everyone else I know…..it can happen to you.

Our suggestion? Pay attention. Plain and simple. Navigating the crowds in Disney is not the time to have your face glued to your cell phone while walking.

5. Just because there’s a line, doesn’t mean you have to wait in it

Remember that bad behavior I was telling you about? People cutting in line? Yea that’s not what I mean here at all. You should definitely not cut in line. Ever. Super rude.

What I am talking about is getting in a line where a lot of people just may not know better. That line in the bathroom? Check the far side of the restroom to see if there are other stalls. Most people walk in, see a line and stand in it. Because they don’t know there’s another side. We see this happen A LOT in the restrooms in the Tangled area, at Main St. and in Norway. Crowd mentality isn’t always correct.

You get the idea.

6.Cast Members don’t always have the correct answer.

Walt Disney World has a lot of employees. They couldn’t run without them. So while I feel like you really need to respect all CM’s(spoiler for the next tip) if you’re not getting the answer you think you should be getting, you can always nicely ask someone else!

Let me tell you a story about the Citrus Swirl Float. Once upon a time, like 2 weeks ago, I saw that Sunshine Tree Terrace was offering a Citrus Swirl Float. I saw this on Instagram so I had photo proof! Disney Food Blog had even done a review on this new item.  I don’t like citrus swirl because I think the frozen OJ is too sour for my liking. So I thought the float would be good because the soda could balance it out a bit.

I was really excited to try it, went up to the counter and ordered and the CM told me they didn’t offer that. So I asked if I could just order a citrus swirl and an orange soda and he could put them together and he said no.

Sad and disappointed, I went back to Instagram and asked around to see when people had gotten theirs. 5 hours ago. So how suddenly did they no longer offer it?

I went back the next day, ordered it (from a different CM) and it was delicious.

Why is there this inconsistency? According to the one CM I talked to, there were just a lot of new people.

I’m not saying you’re always going to get the answer you want, but if you feel like you’re not getting the right answer, it doesn’t hurt to ask someone else.

7. Treat the Cast Members like Gold

While we are on the subject of cast members, I hate that I even have to say this, but they deserve nothing but your utmost respect. I have seen grown men actually get into arguments with CMs over something so silly as ducking under the ropes to get into line.

Guess what, I’ve also seen CMs call security and have those same people removed from the Park for not listening and wanting to make a big deal over something so minor. Disney has rules for a reason. If you don’t like them, find somewhere else to vacation.

Keep in mind, the CMs didn’t make the rules, so any aggressions you may have against them for calling you out on something you shouldn’t be doing anyway has nothing to do with them. They’re trying to do their job and keep you and other guests safe.

In addition to that, take the time to actually talk to them! CMs can give you s much more insider info than any of these Disney blogs, vlogs or websites. And trust me, they’ll appreciate it.

After a long chat with a CM working a FP+ line on our last trip, he actually thanked us for smiling and talking and said guests forget they’re people too. Keep it in mind.

8. No one is paying attention to you.

In a world of, look at me, look at me, trust me, no one is looking at you. They’re worried more about themselves.  Be silly. Take funny pictures. Twirl on the hub grass. Dance to the Move it, Shake it parade if that’s your jam. And if someone does notice you, you’re probably never going to run into them again anyway.

9. Relax

Ok so I know you hear this over and over again, so how is this something no one tells you? I don’t mean relax like take a break and go to the pool. I mean relax, like, be chill.

There are going to be a lot of things that probably don’t go your way, weather that may ruin your plans(or make you feel like you’re dying from heat exhaustion), and honestly potentially a lot of simply frustrating situations that may happen on your trip.

Accept the things you can’t control and make the best out of a rainy day. You’re at Walt Disney World, take the time to appreciate the creativity and care that went into creating this place. Look for Hidden Mickeys if you’re stuck queues, stop and grab a snack from Main St if you are held up by the parade, and if it happens to be storming all day, find a an attraction to visit that may have never gotten your attention.

10. You’re never really “late” for anything

I say this with the hope that you will take this as lightly as its meant to be. Don’t be late on purpose, but if you happen to get stuck by the Parade, or the monorail is broken down, leaving you to find other transportation, don’t stress out. Always try to be on time when you can, but trust me when I say, if you’re apologetically late, they’ll forgive you.

11. It’s ok for everything to go wrong

Whether you’ve planned this trip on your own or with a travel agent, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time planning this trip down to the last detail. Everyone, including us, will give you tips about how to have the perfect vacation at the happiest place on earth.

The truth is though, that something, or everything, will probably go wrong. And that’s ok. Some of the best experiences and stories you’ll have can come from things going wrong. And remember, its a vacation! So no matter what happens, keep in mind the ultimate goal is to enjoy yourself.

12. It’s a magical as you make it

There really is something for everyone at Walt Disney World. Don’t love crowds? Head to the Boardwalk, Fort Wilderness for some nature or hang at one of the monorail resorts(best part is they’re free!) to get away from it all. Can’t stand the parades? Perfect, plan ahead and get to a ride before it starts, the queues are always lower during the parades. Don’t consider yourself a Disney lover but were dragged by your family? That’s ok! There are so many things to do at WDW that aren’t in-your-face-Disney, go off the beaten path!

The truth is, a Walt Disney World vacation can be as magical(or frustrating) as you allow it to be.

Embrace it all, take the good with the bad, and remember at least you’re not at work. 🙂

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