The Best Family Restaurant at Walt Disney World

The Best Family Restaurant at Walt Disney World

Liberty Tree Tavern at Walt Disney World is by far one of the best, dare we say THE best, family restaurant on Disney property. And while we definitely have other restaurants that can compete for this title, a recent visit has completely confirmed this belief. Here’s why…

If you’re traveling as a family, or a group or just visiting in town relatives, Liberty Tree Tavern may be exactly what you’re looking for. A family-style meal, all you care to enjoy at decent prices will have you sitting in a cozy, casual environment without immersive dining requirements or translation of a menu with exotic cuisine.


The Liberty Tree Tavern restaurant can be found in Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom. Now we must admit, of all the locations in Magic Kingdom, Liberty Square has not been an area we hang out in much. In fact up until they introduced the show with the Muppets who sing about the greatest moments in history, but only the American parts, there really wasn’t anything there we loved. Then we heard about the Oooey Gooey Toffee Cake. Lets be honest, if you don’t agree with anything else in this post, you will agree that this cake is worth the visit.

A throwback to Colonial Williamsburg this classic American fare restaurant with dark wood oak, fireplaces in every room, and the staff dressed in all things colonial it just feels homey. We’ve seen large families, small families and people on dates. And unlike the immersive dining experiences we sometimes love, you aren’t required to engage with the staff or visiting characters. You can just sit and enjoy your meal.


Price will vary depending on the time of year, but adults are typically 31-38 per person, and kids( ages 3-9) runs about 15-19 per kid. This is by far the cheapest and most budget friendly all you care to enjoy dining experience at Disney. Since you get the option to just ask for seconds, please feel free to do so! Everyone else will be.


The real reason this ends up being the best family restaurant at Walt Disney World in addition to the casual atmosphere and the budget friendly price is the menu. Got picky kids? No worries. This menu is Thanksgiving dinner. Got big eaters? No worries, this menu is all you can eat Thanksgiving dinner. Tired of the restaurant meals during vacation? No worries, this menu feels homemade.

So here’s the lineup. You receive rolls with sweet butter to start. No orders necessary. Everything will come to your table in courses. Salad is next. The salad comes with a very light sweet vinaigrette. Even the pickiest eater should love this salad. Your side dishes are red skinned mashed potatoes, green beans and cheddar macaroni and cheese. All of these are amazing and taste wonderful. Perfect for even the vegetarians in your group. You also get sliced turkey, pork roast and pot roast. My niece discovered a love of perfectly cooked meats while eating here. You’ll also get gravy and a tart cranberry sauce. And I feel like i can ‘t say this enough, the food here is amazing. Everything on this menu tasted wonderful.

liberty tree tavern budget dinner

liberty tree tavern side dishes

liberty tree dinner family style dinner budget disney


Oooey Gooey Toffee Cake: Okay, the real reason everyone comes here is the dessert. If we could just order this cake by itself on cold afternoons we would. If it was possible to get it sent to our room, we would. The cake is dense, sweet and filled with toffee. Cover it with vanilla ice cream and more toffee bits while the cake is still warm, and it’s absolute heaven.

And yes, you can order seconds. You will regret it if you don’t.

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