Meet Rochelle

Hey there, Welcome to our blog!

Here’s just a little about me. I am an avid writer, graphic and interior designer & photographer-in-training.  As  1/2 of the Polka Dots & Pixie Dust team I take care of  design, techy stuff and the business stuff. I love writing and have written hundreds of thousands of words in books, series, and on blogs. It is my true happy place. On this blog, Melanie and I share all responsibilities for actually keeping everything up and running- posting pinning, liking, hearting, coding- you name it…thankfully, there’s two of us. There’s no place i’d rather be than be than here, sharing tips, ideas, and ways to make life better, more flirty, more magical and more fun. And we design stuff for our Disney Inspired T shirt Shop!

I promise these may be the only pics you get of me without giant sunglasses. Much to the chagrin of everyone I know I recently learned that the Victoria Secret Angels are allowed to do only 4 things in their photos: kissy face ( uh, no), peace sign ( yes), wink ( still trying this one) and blowing a kiss (got that one down!). So now all photos of me will have one of these things, because if i’m gonna have to be in a photo, I might as well have a signature move:)


Philosophy: I’m completely against rules, plans that can’t be changed and limits of any kind. I’m completely for anything that sparkles.

Best Advice: It doesn’t matter what direction your life takes, because no matter what it’s going to be wonderful. Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust.

Current Dream: I have many- they all take place on an island.

Vice: Anthropologie, writing all night,  cartoons, redecorating a lot.

Something Disney: Just keep swimming

Giant Flaw: I spend the most money on things that are consumable>candles, coffee, food, fresh flowers, travel.

Something Classic: Pride & Prejudice & the Disney cartoon version of Cinderella

Fave Fairytale: Princess & the Pea ( I keep writing and re-writing this screenplay- because how has this not been made into a movie yet?)

Crush: Richard Armitage (aka Thorin Oakenshield- The Hobbit, also known as Mr. Thornton, North and South) Geek love all around.

Current Obsession: The Rose Gold Lifestyle ( flirty, fun, trendy, not serious at all.. and slightly blushing most of the time.)