Walt Disney World Bucket Lists of Each Park for Beginners & Free E-Book

Walt Disney World Bucket Lists of Each Park for Beginners & Free E-Book

Preparing to visit Disney World for the first time, my sister Melanie and I had leaned on the expansive knowledge of one of our aunts who had visited Walt Disney World a few years straight and seemed to know what she was talking about.  Mind you, we knew we wanted our first trip, just in case it was our only trip, to be AMAZING and needed as much expert advice as we could get.

Why you need a Disney Bucket List

After sharing our pending Disney trip with family, our aunt prepared four pages of handwritten notes on notebook paper littered with a few post-its that told us everything we needed to know. Seriously, this was pretty comprehensive. These notes went with us everywhere. These notes shared where to eat,  what to fastpass, and where we could afford to wait in line. Seriously, we didn’t want to be the people using a fastpass for Illuminations if we could see it just as well from Japan. These notes told us about the parades and where to sit, the evening events at each park and which things to skip altogether. Everything was broken down by theme park and completely invaluable. We felt like insiders. We used these notes the first and second year we visited Disney until they began to crumble and now share them here with you so you can be sure to have as much fun on your Walt Disney World trip as we did. We’ll break down specifics by theme park in the separate downloadable pdf checklists below.

If you are a beginner Disney Vacationer or this may be Your Only Disney Vacation these lists will be your lifeline for making great choices. If you’re a seasoned Disney expert you’ll recognize these as the tried and true always awesome choices. Know that this isn’t everything ( not even close), but its the big stuff. The stuff you can’t miss.

On the checklist you’ll notice a few things in parentheses. If it has an FP next to it, it means that this ride is worth trying to get a Fast Pass for. The lines at these rides are longer than most and you can wait more than an hour without a fast pass. Read our tips on Fast Passes for more info.

The rest of the letters noted refer to dining. S= Snack, QS= quick service ( which means you can walk right up and order, no reservation needed) and TS = Table Service and often means you’ll need a reservation.

What’s on our Disney Bucket List?

These lists compile our tried and true items for each park. And yet even these lists will provide you too many things to do in one day, BUT they will help you narrow down the choices. If you’re a frequent Disney World visitor looking for something a little edgier, never fear, we’ll be sharing the more detailed lists for Disney fanatics in soon enough.

Things to keep in mind.

Disney doesn’t have to be stressful.

You can still have fun in the rain.

This is what you’ll need in your day bag.

Hop the monorail if the parks are too crowded.

The Walt Disney World Checklists

Click on the Bucket Lists image below for a 14 page printable/downloadable WDW bucket lists. TYou can also save this to your ibooks app which is super handy for in-the-park access! These will help you immensely when you’re up against the 180 day deadline to book your advance dining reservations ( ADR’s) or for when your fast pass (FP) booking window finally opens up. his is free for our readers and subscribers– otherwise you’d have to drop the .99 cents for this e-book on amazon:) So enjoy the freebie!

If you need a full planning guide, check out this post , it will break everything down for you.

And be sure to let us know which are your must-do items and we’ll add it to our lists!

Walt Disney World Bucket Lists Polka Dots and Pixie Dust








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